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​I am primarily a composer/musician, software engineer/computer programmer, and student.

I am currently working on a few primary projects, more information on each one may be found in the tabs above.

All content will be available for free download upon release.

Why do I release my work for free?

I have two primary reasons:

1) I believe the way that the currency system is set in place specifically suppresses creativity, freedom and general progression/development. 
I feel that if I release my work freely (and instead advertise and accept donations) that I can do my part to help benefit all, and improve upon the freely available "standard".

2) If I do this work in exchange for a fee, I am entirely trading my creativity, time and essence for an arbitrary or extrinsic currency and inherently I would become a slave. My aim is to strictly work for myself and for the benefit of all.

All work produced will not be subject to financial or time restraints, this helps to ensure a standard of excellence. 

The idea I would like to talk about next is support, because with your support it will allow me to dedicate more of my time towards these goals and provide more content, more frequently and reply to all inquiries at a faster rate. I had begun monetizing my videos in February of 2017, with the hopes that any advertising revenue I could gain would be used to help ensure the philosophical principles I had set in place. I am certainly not wealthy and have not yet achieved complete financial security, although it is an unfolding process.

I am and would be extremely grateful for any form of support and as such I will be adding a special thank you on all of my works.

If you are appreciative and wish to support any of my work you could navigate to the Support tab, which contains several methods an individual could use to contribute.