"Data itself isn't good nor bad, data just represents the surrounding reality. The more data we may access, the more accurate model we may create of the reality, thereby also define our actions in ways that are maximally beneficial to our aims. The net must not be restricted by moral, ethical nor legal issues prevailing in different world locations, data must flow freely."

I will respond to every comment, message and E-mail.

The software engineers and programmers that work for YouTube are either incompetent or neglectful in regards to the functionality of their systems. It is not uncommon that I will not receive a notification from a comment or a message. If you are one of these people who have not received a reply, this is most likely due to this reason. If this is the case, please post/resend it or E-mail to notify me.


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                  you could still feel free to look around.

I had originally started creating brain entrainment sessions for my own personal usage. This was because nobody offered/could offer the specific sessions and frequencies that I had wanted to use for my own treatment/meditation. After much study and usage, I had eventually started rendering videos and posting them to YouTube. I slowly started gaining a viewer base which was very friendly and thankful, and they were in the same position as myself (they wanted content which simply didn't exist primarily). This led some to requesting content/sessions/frequency combinations and I was delighted to provide them to those who had asked. I started gaining more and more subscribers at an exponential rate and as this happened I had naturally gained more requests. I would like to take this opportunity to make it clear that I love creating content/requests for those who kindly ask. I will continue to do all requests, however I must do them fairly and in as much of a timely manner as possible. I offer this service for free and always will, however I currently only have a certain amount of time which I may allocate towards this. 

The idea I would like to talk about next is support, because with your support I can dedicate more of my time towards these goals and provide more content, more frequently and reply to all inquiries at a faster rate. I had begun monetizing my videos in February of 2017, with the hopes that any advertising revenue I could gain would be used to help ensure the philosophical principles I had set in place. I am certainly not wealthy and have not yet achieved complete financial security, although it is an unfolding process.

I am and would be extremely grateful for any form of support and as such I will be adding a special thank you to my upcoming album, software engine, Hive Mind and on my website.

If you are appreciative and wish to support this work you could navigate to the Support/Donate tab, which contains several methods an individual could use to contribute.

​I am primarily a composer/musician, software engineer/computer programmer, and student.

I am currently working on a few primary projects, such as: a project which will serve as an avenue to share knowledge known as Hive Mind, a solo album known as Neurogenesis, a software engine which has been under construction for 2+ years using C++ and C# with the objective to efficiently and intelligently read, save, store, render and quickly manipulate large amounts of data in real time (vectors, vertices, isosurfaces, 3d objects/environments, fractals, noise, etc). When completed it will be released as open-source software, and my music will also be available for free download upon release. In my spare time I create/upload healing frequencies and meditation music on the internet and that is probably how you became aware of this website.

Why do I release my work for free?

I have two primary reasons:

1) I believe that the currency system in place specifically suppresses creativity, true freedom and general progression/development. I feel that if I release my work freely (and instead accept donations) that I can do my part to help benefit all, and improve upon the freely available "standard".

2) If I do this work primarily for $$$ or for a fee, I am entirely trading my creativity, time and essence for arbitrary/ambiguous currency and inherently I would become a slave. My aim is to strictly work for myself and for the benefit of all.

All work produced will not be subject to financial or time restraints, this helps to ensure a standard of excellence.