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Legal Disclaimer: I am not in any way responsible for the decisions or actions you decide to make and I accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of the material provided here. I would like to clarify that I am not a licensed health care provider, and if you suffer from a serious dis-ease or dis-order I recommend contacting a competent and trusted physician regarding eligible treatment options. The information provided here does not replace the relationship with your physician, so be sure to contact a qualified health care professional before making medical decisions. Do not listen to these videos while driving or operating heavy machinery. Using my sessions will indicate that you agree with the provided disclaimer above.

A: In some videos yes, however it will always indicate so in the video description.

A: I have seen a lack of information/evidence supporting the claims that 528HZ is detrimental, I would like to address this idea among others. When used in combination with a medium such as sand or water (cymatics) it forms a complex fractal which resemble one of our most treasured patterns such as the Fibonacci or "pine-cone" pattern. It is part of the Solfeggio scale and is commonly known from it's usage in Ut Queant Laxis. It's usage is literally translated into wonderful and miracle and primarily empowers the Solar Plexus, but also positively affects the Sacral tissues, ligaments and Heart.

I have seen a large amount of controversy in regards to Saturn. Forgive me if this isn’t written very well, I had originally started writing this as an itemized list.

Saturn rules over time and matter. It is known for it's characteristics of truth, direct experience, power, intelligence, understanding, delimitation and boundaries, among many other ideas. Saturn helps us in the understanding of our Tikkun (Hebrew term) which means “fixing our soul”, “repair of the world", or "construction for eternity/of the structure". It is the finishing point of reality, after Saturn is the abyss.

In regards to the Tree of Life it is known as Binah (meaning Understanding). The soul gains reason and understanding from Saturn; It helps us understand the physical limitations and boundaries that are imposed upon the spirit incarnated in the body of flesh. Binah is the great mother, who gives birth to the life of the universe, and is also associated with beginnings and endings (both birth and death). Saturn is known as our original Sun, the great god of beginnings and the source of light and life/genesis.

Rulership of Saturn is Aquarius the Water Bearer, symbolically and eternally giving life and spiritual food to the world.

It is known as JEHOVAH (Latinization of the Tetragrammaton: YOD HEH VAU HEH - YHVH) and ELOHIM.

It has also been associated with the all-seeing eye/Pineal gland/Third Eye/Mind’s Eye, Eye of Horus, etc.

It has been known as dark or evil, because of a lack of knowledge and direct experience. It gives us a greater understanding of sorrows and burdens, it promotes secrecy and silence from which power and strength is derived from (the reason for this is based upon one of the principles of the four pillars of Solomon's Temple), and the understanding of anything secretive among everything else I had listed above. The aristocracy and elites worship Saturn (for good reason), and many people misconstrue this relationship for something that it’s not (evil, negative, etc.). This is based on what they see from the “elite” who control the government of (almost) every nation which deliberately and unnecessarily causes suffering upon our planet among many other acts which could and would typically be considered as evil. These individuals are not the true elite. With a more thorough understanding one will recognize why these ideas and actions are “allowed” to exist and the broader picture of it all.

In conclusion: Worshipping Saturn urges us to take command of our life and destiny. It helps us overcome fear and powerlessness, and by understanding its cycles we can more effectively confront life altering choices and make our lives into a more fulfilling adventure in soul growth and by eliminating all that hinders you from becoming your higher self. There are many other notable beneficial effects among the ones I had listed above. I do not know much about 728HZ besides its usage as a primary Rife Frequency and its extensive healing properties. I plan on studying this frequency as extensively as I can due to these claims. This ended up being much longer than I had wanted or had anticipated, my apologies.

Q: How much water do you recommend I drink?

A: Some of these will, yes. Instead I recommend searching for keywords on my channel such as "cat", or "plant" for example. These were specifically intended for it's labeled target. Otherwise, do not use them to attempt to help treat any of your pet's illnesses, this could cause an adverse reaction and result in discomfort or hearing loss due to their sensitive ears.

Q: Why can't I hear anything? 

A: It will not have a negative effect to use different water treatment videos on the same water, but you may prefer to keep it separate. For example you could have a jug of OM water, Sun water, Moon water, 432 HZ water, etc.. ready for whichever you prefer to drink. If you are using the same water it will not have a negative effect, however it will most likely alter the structure of your water.

Q: Is there any way that I can support you?

Q: How often should I listen to this before I can expect results?

Q: Sound appears to stop at some specific parts in some sessions, why? 

Q: I requested a video awhile ago, and haven't seen it uploaded yet, what gives?

A: I'm in the process of translating all of my video descriptions into over 20 different languages. If your primary language has not been included please let me know and I will add it.

Q: Am I eligible to use brain entrainment?

Q: When using your water treatment videos do we have to play the entire session to receive benefits? 

Q: I noticed your channel is primarily focused on healing, will you consider doing other videos? Such as affirmations, sleep music, etc

A: No. For any serious medical issues you should seek a competent and trusted physician. You should be practicing healthy living if you want to prevent and treat any illness. This means proper nutrition, hygiene, rest, plenty of pure water, balanced mood, physical activity and a healthy diet according to your constitution. These sessions are tools intended to be used among other healing methods for an integrative healing approach. ​

Q: Are you qualified to be doing this?

A: Yes, I encourage it. I recommend using the Mega account associated with this channel to download all of the highest quality original audio files(free of course). If the desired session hasn’t been uploaded yet you could use YouTube Red or a YouTube downloader to rip an mp3 at lower quality.

A: You could, but it will not be as effective. It is recommended to rest or meditate with intent and concentration.

Q: Can I use multiple videos on my water or will that cancel out the effects of the first video? 

Q: I feel discomfort, is this normal?

A: You can't, they are free and always will be.

A: Yes, that's correct. I am concentrating on healing videos at the moment but I will be releasing a wide array of different material when the time comes.

​A: I need to upload requests in a fair order and I need to ensure that videos work before I post them, in some cases this can require extended periods of time.


A: No.

Q: Is this a replacement for medical treatment?

A: This varies per individual and is largely based on your constitution and current well-being. It is suggested to start minimally and try once daily and observe any relief or effects it may have.

Q: Are the testimonies in your comments real? 

Q: Will this work on pets, and/or plants?

A: As of this moment I could use help with advertisement (in the right demographic).

Q: I have heard that 528HZ is detrimental and is being used as some evil conspiracy to entrap us inside Saturn's Black Cube Matrix among other things, is this true? Can can you confirm or deny anything pertaining to the validity of the claims?

Q: Are you a licensed physician?

A: It is typically recommended that users are 18+ years of age, unless the video specifically says otherwise. This is because the videos were intended for adults and could effect the under developed adversely. If you are required to take heavy medication due to illness or dis-ease, have a pacemaker, suffer from life-threatening heart conditions, or from ear damage it is recommended to first speak to your physician before using these sessions.​

A: No, Absolutely not. There was a time where I foolishly became angry towards Zionism and accomplices as a whole and this had hindered my health and knowledge until I could properly understand, express myself and come to the conclusion that we must forgive, learn to love and unite despite all ethnic divides, moral differences and short comings, regardless of the past. However, we must never forget any of this and remain aware of any potential future threats or deceit.

A: It is possible for an individual to experience moments of discomfort at times, however it should not be persistent. If it is you should discontinue use.

Q: Can you translate your videos into my native language?

A: This can be due to a few contributing factors, but the most common may be from the individual's audio device. A device with lower quality has an inability or difficulty resonating lower frequencies clearly. There are some frequencies used which are below the average human hearing range and sometimes these are used without other background noise, this can also lead to some moments sounding silent.

Q: How can I accelerate the healing process?

Q: Do you need any professional assistance?

A: Some of the most important aspects to help accelerate the healing process are: proper hydration and nutrition, rest, elimination, hygiene, awareness, a healthy mental atmosphere and visualization among other things.

A: A minimum session should be at least 30 minutes (for most sizes of containers, including a bath tub). 

A: The first thing you could do is tell me, leave me feedback and extensively explain the situation if you can or care to. The next thing you could do is try another video, or another channel. 

A: This is likely due to the individual's audio device capabilities. A device with lower quality has an inability or difficulty resonating lower frequencies accurately and clearly. If you experience these issues please try using headphones, in many cases this can verify that it is indeed the quality of your device.

Q: Can you cite your source(s) of information?

Still adding more, please be patient

A: It is difficult to say who is qualified to be doing this. However in my opinion it is required for the individual creating these sessions to be mindful of safety and to be openly transparent.

Q: Should I use headphones or speakers?

Q: Can I download your videos as an MP3 or other audio type?

Q: Can we use this while sleeping or doing another activity?

A: I do when it's possible, it can be found in the description. In other cases it is sometimes difficult to locate the sources of information from years of study. I hope you can understand this.

A: I am a composer and I am working with a concept artist to help me release an album, and it shouldn't be misconstrued for anything more than that.

A: The best thing you could do would be to share my work, subscribe, give me honest feedback, ask me questions and if you are feeling especially generous you could help support the project financially by going to the "Donate" tab above.

Q: Where can I buy these sessions?

A: Typically 250ML-500ML + per session. I would recommend making sure you are hydrated before you listen, and bringing a glass of water or tea for the session.

A: Everything that exists vibrates at a subatomic level and even beyond that. Pathogens are evolving organisms, have an intelligence, consciousness, and particular living vibration. It is important to understand that in certain atmospheric conditions they will flourish and multiply, and in undesirable atmospheres they simply cannot function, or survive (atmosphere varies per individual micro-organism species/strain).

We are made from approximately trillions of cells and inside of each cell (except red blood cells) there is a nucleus which contains 46 chromosomes arranged in pairs. Our chromosomes are packed with DNA which contains our genes and our genes contain "instructions" to develop the building blocks of life (proteins).

Our bodies and cells consist primarily of water (from 75%-~90% depending on the hydration level of the individual) and water has been known to absorb vibrations unlike any other substance known to us. This can have beneficial or detrimental effects to an individual depending on amplitude and frequency (pitch).

When used correctly the sound waves in the sessions may increase healing rates, stimulate bodily processes, help eliminate built up or residual toxins, increase emotional and psychological well-being, and promote balance and production of bodily chemicals. In addition they could be used to help debilitate, and destabilize radical/malignant cells (video visualization found below*). Some scientific studies, mathematicians, and physicists claim that some vibrations and specific combinations of vibrations (HZ/CPS) are suitable for treatment of a very wide array of dis-eases and dis-orders (sources will be listed below**). 

Binaural audio: two pure sine waves are used together in a stereo audio track (both left and right channels). It is effective because of the process of brainwave entrainment. 

Isochronic audio: typically a mono track with a single sine wave or square wave. The sound wave is manipulated to pulse at the desired rate, width, fade time, frequency and depth. These are all important details which are adjusted according to each sessions purpose.

Monaural audio: One isolated mono track composed of pure sine waves of any desired frequency.

These different types of audio can be used in various ways, but primarily it is used to:

Stimulate various regions of the brain to increase production of specific bodily chemicals.

Apply topically or locally with audio device for a number of potential uses. Fluids in the body will absorb these vibrations and this can be beneficial for healing existing living cells, promoting tissue regeneration and destabilizing some harmful organisms among other benefits. 

*For those who require visualization, here is an example of the idea I am referring to:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCkupIqbNXo - or - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvU9JrWycFI

**Other sources:

https://ntrs.nasa.gov/search.jsp?R=20030075722 - http://www.rife.org/ -

http://www.polisci.ucla.edu/people/james-tong - http://dhood.lab.yorku.ca/david-a-hood/ - http://www.drloyd.com/CAFL.htm

http://www.electroherbalism.com/Bioelectronics/FrequenciesandAnecdotes/CAFL.htm - https://www.planetware.de/octave/ - 

More coming, but overall far too many to share here. I will be putting together a list.
incomplete - still writing - I am trying to keep this as short and concise as possible.

Q: Why do you have such a scary profile picture?

Q: Are you anti semitic?

Q: Do you use subliminal messages?

A: This varies. Some information is provided below, but it is not a guaranteed way to decide which method is most effective. You may need to try both to determine which is best for you and your intentions.

Monaural audio: both are appropriate, in some cases headphones or speakers can be more effective.

Binaural audio: headphones are preferred but not required.

Isochronic audio: both are appropriate, speakers may be preferred.​

A: I have removed some videos that I am not entirely satisfied with. I have specifically written each down in order to recreate them with some improvements and re-upload them. 

Q: How does this work?

Q: What should I do if something doesn't work for me?

A: Absolutely. I have never asked anybody to leave me a positive comment, nor have I paid for such activities. The most I can ask for is honest feedback.

Q: My favorite session is no longer available, why?